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Make your WILDEST DREAMS come TRUE!!
WORK with us and these could soon be YOURS!!

"Most people never get wealthy simply because they are not TRAINED 
to recognize opportunities right in front of them." – Robert Kiyosaki


 How Profits4Us can help YOU re-inforce your currency’s
declining buying 
power and show you how to build an

If you are at all concerned about your currency’s rapid devaluation – and you should be – please read ALL the following information carefully, to get a full understanding of what you are currently faced with regarding local and world economics and how they are impacting negatively on YOU, your income and your lifestyle – RIGHT NOW!



And learn what Profits4Us is doing for those of you who see the edge of the crater fast approaching and who realise the need to do something NOW to safeguard your future livelihoods.




The world is changing. FAST!
If you're not changing, too, you're getting left behind!

We are living in tough economic times and, even if you do have a job, whether you like it or not, world economics ARE affecting your lifestyle – negatively – in a BIG way!

"As the world's currency woes continue,
learning how to create our own wealth becomes a priority.
Entrepreneurship can no longer be seen as a luxury reserved for the select few".




"7% of economic activity is driven by entrepreneurs. 
In 2015, this 7% was responsible for 50% of jobs!"


It is time for everyone to learn how to generate secondary incomes and how to preserve that wealth against further devaluation and other negative factors.




The owner and founder of the Profits4Us Group, Paul von Wildenrath, has created 2 simple, affordable, yet powerful Income Plans, based on the
Power of Leveraging,
that achieves those goals
from as little as $50 pm!






Albert Einstein said: "The most powerful force on Earth is Compound Interest."

That's true. LEVERAGING is like Compound Interest, ie: the more people you bring into your business, and the more people they bring into your business, the more commission everyone earns as they all buy your products. Everyone LEVERAGES their time, effort, contacts and spending power and they are rewarded with ever increasing incomes.

THAT is why Network Marketing is so powerful!


Consider this:

The world's currencies continue to weaken as brokers and bankers manipulate them; everything is getting more and more expensive; salary increases are not keeping up with inflation or with devaluation, which are pushing up costs even higher; company revenues are declining because people can’t afford to spend like they used to; the population is growing and more and more people are becoming unemployed; there are not enough jobs for everyone; our GDP is experiencing low growth; many bosses can’t afford to pay overtime and some may soon have to retrench staff or close down.

What provision have you made for when that happens?
And the same, to a large degree, is happening all around the world, so where do you go?

You need a Plan B!

You need to become a Network Marketer!






And that’s where Profits4Us steps into the gap. But you need to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION NOW!

We are in trouble right now, make no mistake. You have no safety net in place. Let us share ours with you.
BUT! In order for us to help you, you need to accept and adapt to necessary requirements.


You need to become a Network Marketer!




First, you must be willing to READ! READERS ARE LEADERS. If you are too lazy to read a few pages of valuable information that will help you rise above the Poverty Trap that’s waiting to ensnare you, information that will enable you to become independently wealthy in under 12 months, then please move on from here.

We are here to TEACH you the way forward, but we can’t teach you anything if you are not willing to LEARN, ie: you must read our training modules and watch our videos if you want to become successful, financially independent entrepreneurs. These modules have been put together for YOU by the best experts in their fields. USE THEM!

Why do you think we go to school and varsity BEFORE we look for a job, and not the other way around? Because we need to KNOW what we are doing BEFORE we do it!



“If you don’t want to learn, no-one can force you.
If you DO want to learn, no-one can STOP you!” 



 If you think there are too many words on this page and you can’t be bothered to read them, then please close this web site and go find something else to do.

We are looking for DEDICATED people who SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL! People who are DETERMINED to succeed and who are willing to make a COMMITMENT of TIME, EFFORT and a small amount of MONEY to achieve their goals!



“In business, you must be willing to SPEND money if you want to MAKE money.” 



 Second, we need people who are willing to make an effort to TALK to others and TELL them about Profits4Us. We cannot get exposure if people don’t talk about us and share the good fortune that we provide. We need people who understand the importance of sharing and helping others in order to help themselves. This is no place for greedy, selfish people.

We are a community. We look after each other and we help each other. And TOGETHER we succeed! We cannot do it alone.






You can subscribe to our Training Program from as little as $50 pm as a Bronze Member. 

Click Here to learn more about our Income Plans.

When you register, you are given a Profits4Us account which you can log into with your User Name and Password, where you will find your unique Referral Link and Referral Code.
TIP: Go to or to and shorten your Referral Link.
Hand it out to everyone you know (PLEASE don't spam). When they click on it and buy products in OurStore, you will become an Agent and you will earn once-off commissions on every purchase they make.
If they click on your link and subscribe to the Training Program, as an Affiliate / Member you will earn a monthly residual income from them. This is our goal. To help everyone become wealthy and be able to retire within 1-2 years of joining Profits4Us!



"You don't have to be old to retire, you just need enough money!"



If you are shy and don’t want to sell, you don’t have to. You can become a "Professional Inviter". Simply invite people to our presentations or online webinars. Someone else will do the presentation and show your client how to sign up – under YOU!

YOU will still get paid the commissions as if you had done the whole deal yourself.
No selling required!


When you register, you are invited to open a FREE Payza account!
You can have your Profits4Us commissions paid into this account, and you can pay your monthly subscriptions from this account automatically. 
Click Here for more information on Payza.


Do YOU want to be part of such a community? 

Are you willing to share your knowledge, your time, your contacts, your skills?

If so, we welcome you, and we will share our resources with YOU!


How many people are prepared for the business world and all its complexities when they leave school or varsity?
Not many.
That is why tertiary business education is so vital, like Profits4Us offers.

From just $50 pm!

AND you get your own income opportunity as well!



PLEASE NOTE! Profits4Us does not pay commissions for signing up Members. 
We pay commissions for the sale of products and services.


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When you subscribe to the Profits4Us Community Assist Program (CAP) from as little as $50 pm as a Bronze Member, we GIVE you:

  • FREE REGISTRATION in our SkillSearch program and 5 FREE job listings.
  • FREE Payza account and ewallet for the payment of subscriptions and commissions. Click Here to get your free Payza account.
  • FULL ACCESS to our Entrepreneur and Marketing Training Programs. Your future success begins with your EDUCATION.
  • FREE ENTRY into our 5-tier, 12-status Affiliate Plan. This is so that we can pay you commissions when you bring us new Customers and Affiliates.
  • Click Here to register.




“Your best advert is a satisfied customer.”



We don’t hire reps. We pay commissions to our happy customers who bring us new Customers and Affiliates. The commissions are there. They have already been allocated.

All you have to do is tell people about Profits4Us, and CLAIM the commissions! We SHARE up to 50% of our profits with you, plus Bonuses and Sales Incentives
That’s why we are called Profits-For-US!

Profits4Us is flexible on every level. You can tailor your Membership to suit yourself.

  • We have free memberships and paid memberships.
  • We have income options for people who like to sell and for those who don’t.
  • You can be a Salesperson or a Professional Inviter.
  • We have income options for those who like to network and for those who don’t.
  • You can buy products or subscribe to our Training Programs or do both.
  • You can just be a Customer, or become an Agent or an Affiliate.
  • Or you can upgrade from one to the other, either by paying for your upgrade yourself, or by using the training we provide and making the EFFORT to bring in new business and earn commissions with which to pay for your upgrade. So, if you work hard, diligently and consistently, your costs need never come out of your pocket.


Your best value is to register as a Gold Member.




1. Check out our excellent range of products in OurStore. Make a purchase and become a Customer, with your own FREE Profits4Us account. You can also purchase products from our Business Partners under “Other Products” off our Affiliate URL’s and subscribe to their Affiliate Plans. You will earn commissions when people you send to YOUR Affiliate URL’s buy into the program/s.




2. Can’t find work? Need extra cash? Everyone has a skill that someone else needs. Registered Customers and Affiliates can register with for FREE! Instead of products, list your skills and talents for sale to people in your local community and beyond.

Looking for someone to do a job of work for you? Post your requirements on SkillSearch. We will put the word out for you and hopefully find someone in your neighbourhood who can do the job you need doing.




3. As a Profits4Us Customer, you also get your own, unique Referral Link and Referral Code. This makes you a Free Member or Agent. When you give out your Referral Link to people you know and they buy from OurStore, you will earn single-tier, once-off  commissions on every product they buy (but not if they sign up for the Affiliate Plan. You must be at least a Bronze Affiliate yourself before you can earn residual incomes from the Plan. If someone you introduce signs up as an Affiliate before you, you could fall under them or under Profits4Us when you subscribe to the Affiliate Plan. In either case you will not earn off your Customers or their downlines, so it’s better to get in first).




4. The Profits4Us 5-tier Affiliate Plan was created because we realised that most people have to downgrade their lifestyles in these tough economic times, because salaries are not keeping up with inflation and the devaluation of paper currencies, which is putting citizens and businesses under extreme financial pressure. So we came up with a down-to-earth and straightforward method of helping you create wealth through the age-old system of LEVERAGING our own and each other’s resources, as a close-knit  community – our contacts, money, time and effort. 

You can join the Plan directly when you subscribe to our Entrepreneur and Marketing Training Programs, or you can upgrade to it at a later stage from your Agent position, should you wish to start earning a residual monthly income instead of once-off commissions.
We recommend that you join at Gold level or higher, but the Bronze and Silver options are also available to you and are very profitable. The higher you and your downline members’ status levels are, the more commissions you all earn - for doing the same amount of work!

Subscriptions and commissions double up with each upgrade to a higher status level, and there are 12 of them! When you have 10 people in your downline with the same status as you, your costs are covered and the next person who signs up puts you in profit!
Profits4Us is the ONLY Affiliate, MLM or NWM program that PAYS THE SAME COMMISSION PERCENTAGE on all 5 tiers. This system is UNIQUE to us! Therefore, you earn the same commission from your Team’s efforts as you do from your own!




5. FOCUS on Profits4Us! Don’t be distracted by other offers. You will get many.

SAY NO to other offers!

DON’T be a “Serial Joiner”. If you spread your concentration too thin, you will FAIL at everything. CONCENTRATE 100% on ONE business (ie: Profits4Us) and you WILL SUCCEED at it!

We have more opportunity for innovative products and the highest income plans available, enough to make you more money than you ever would have believed possible. Promote your Profits4Us business and your other Affiliate Plans from our Business Partners, and you will soon be earning more money than you have ever seen before.
We spent 5 years and over $500,000 setting this system up, to make sure it is FOOLPROOF!

We have eliminated 14 common mistakes from our system that other NWM companies make because they don’t learn from others’ mistakes.

We have scoured the internet and we have settled on our Business Partners’ products and Compensation Plans as being the best and most essential available.

The great thing about Profits4Us is that we are an interdependent community. We rely on each other and we help each other. We work together to find and bring in new Customers and Members, give presentations, close deals and provide support. Everyone does something to help the others, and together we all prosper. 
There is no jealousy, no envy, no greed, no avarice. 
As a Team, we do consistently better business and earn ever increasing incomes, month after month.



The CashFlow Quadrant.

The Profits4Us principles are based on the Power of Leveraging and Robert Kiyosaki's "CashFlow Quadrant" (see above). We want to show you how to become successful, self-employed entrepreneurs with people and money working for YOU, instead of YOU working for a Boss and for money. To do this you need  to move from the left side of the Quadrant to the right side (see diagram above). Only then can you start making REAL money!


Members! Get paid commissions in USD,
BitCoins or in Gold, Silver and Platinum bars!
Safeguard your wealth against your rapidly devaluing currency!
Start Accumulating and Preserving TRUE WEALTH with Profits4Us!


                                 10g Gold              50g Gold             100g Gold             100g Silver            1kg Silver            1oz Platinum


TAKE ACTION NOW!! JOIN Profits4Us and raise YOUR income levels!

Remember, you don't have to be old to retire, you just need to have enough money!
Work diligently with Profits4Us and you could retire in 12 month's time!


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Click the links in the blue menu bar above to learn more. Read the sub-menus under "Program Info" for more information on all aspects of this excellent wealth creation plan. There are many more features at your disposal as a Member, so browse the web site, learn a bit more about us then make "an executive decision" - and JOIN THE PROGRAM! 

We look forward to having you on board!



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